Gift Ideas for the Pond Lover

This was originally a page for those of you with pond lovers on your Christmas Gift List that might be stuck for an idea. The response was so good that we’ve kept it, and people give us more ideas all the time. If one of these ideas sounds good to you, check out our Map and Hours page.

How about:


  • Statuary for beside the pond or to pour water into it
  • Waterfall section and an offer to help install it!
  • Floating thermometer
  • Water garden book… plants
  • Water garden book… fish
  • Water garden book… how to install
  • Pond themed pewter jewelry
  • Fish net (long handled deluxe or short handled basic)
  • Pond ornaments (frogs, turtles etc.)
  • Pond skimmer (for those leaves RIGHT in the middle)
  • Pond lights (underwater and pondside)
  • Gift certificate
  • Spouting ornaments
  • Pump and fountain
  • Pond “kit”… liner, pump, baskets, plants, instructions etc. ready to be installed next spring.
    We don’t sell ready made kits, but we’ll be happy to help you create one.