All About Us

Fellow ponderers:

Welcome, where our focus is growing hardy hybrid waterlilies suited to the Canadian climate. Over 30 yrs of gardening in and around water has given us an extensive background of personal experience to advise you in water gardening.

We welcome you to share the beauty and tranquillity of our country ponds on weekends from May to September.


The foundation of your pond is usually the liner, therefore it is essential that you start with a good quality base. Liners are relatively easy to install, but difficult to replace in an established pond when a cheap liner fails.


We have many lovely old favourites and outstanding new hybrids available – all tested by us for hardiness and performance in Ontario. The waterlilies come in small transport pots – already started – ready for you to transplant into growing size containers for your pond.

NOTE: Best bloom period is from Noon to 3PM, June to September


Many attractive and unusual pond plants are grown in our ponds for your pleasure. Our selection includes nursery grown native plants, hybrid varieties and species from around the world. We have also selected a few of the best tropical water plants; some of which are easily wintered indoors, and others which are best considered annuals.

Of course, not to be forgotten are oxygenating and floating plants to help keep your pondwater clear and maintain the natural balance in your pond.


  • Fertilizer pellets, specially developed for water gardening.
  • Containers of several sizes and shapes for use in ponds of any kind.
  • Floating fish food, and flakes for healthy pond fish.
  • Fish nets to catch your fish, if necessary!
  • Pond nets to keep leaves out of your pond in the fall.
  • Our planting kit – everything you need to plant a waterlily.
  • Planting soil – special aquatic soil, tested for top performance
  • Peagravel for soil topping.
  • Filters to help clear your pond.
  • Barrel liners and tub gardens.
  • Underwater and floating lights for those evening visits to your pond.
  • Statuary and decorative pieces
  • Ceramic Pots to create patio ponds
  • Table top fountain supplies
  • Gift Certificates
  • Great New Products for your Pond!