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Fellow ponderers:

Welcome to Burns Water Gardens, where our focus is growing hardy hybrid waterlilies suited to the Canadian climate. We specialize in personal service – we want your pond to be a source of lasting enjoyment. Over 30 yrs of gardening in and around water has given us an extensive background of personal experience to advise you in water gardening.

We offer at all times the highest quality plants and pond supplies we can grow or obtain. Since your pond is a substantial investment in time and materials, we feel that the cheapest product is not as important as your long term satisfaction. For comparable quality, you will find our prices very competitive.

Our extensive pond system is a delight to experience. We welcome you to share the beauty and tranquillity of our country ponds on weekends from May to September.




The foundation of your pond is usually the liner, therefore it is essential that you start with a good quality base. Liners are relatively easy to install, but difficult to replace in an established pond when a cheap liner fails. We carry a huge inventory of liner sizes, IN STOCK.

For this reason, we stock only the highest quality EPDM rubber pond liners – the latest technology and the most durable known for our climate. These fish-safe liners come with a 20 year pro- rated warranty, and should last a lifetime. Please compare price per square foot, and quality, before making your purchase. Note: EPDM roofing rubber is not guaranteed safe for fish and often contains heavy metals that will harm your plants and fish.

We carry Fountain System pumps, an energy efficient pump with a three year warranty. Thse popular pumps are designed for water gardening: from tiny pumps suitable for statues and ornaments, to larger capacity pumps for fountains and waterfalls.

Fountain nozzles, filters and related accessories for the water feature you desire are also available. We carry filter refills and fittings for many different brands of pumps and filters including Nursery Pro, Little Giant, Danner, Picov’s Blue filters and Cal.

Talk to our experts to choose the correct pump, filter and fountain nozzle for your pool.

We have many lovely old favourites and outstanding new hybrids available – all tested by us for hardiness and performance in Ontario. The waterlilies come in small transport pots – already started – ready for you to transplant into growing size containers for your pond.

Come and stroll around our half acre main pond, and see the spectacular display of over 100 varieties of waterlily, from miniatures to new, outstanding, large flowered hybrids. Don’t miss the newest, recently developed varieties now undergoing performance trials.

Our experienced staff will help you select the lily suitable for YOUR pond.

NOTE: Best bloom period is from Noon to 3PM, June to September

Many attractive and unusual pond plants are grown in our ponds for your pleasure. Our selection includes nursery grown native plants, hybrid varieties and species from around the world. We have also selected a few of the best tropical water plants; some of which are easily wintered indoors, and others which are best considered annuals.

Of course, not to be forgotten are oxygenating and floating plants to help keep your pondwater clear and maintain the natural balance in your pond.

You will find our hardy plants will perform well for you, since they are already acclimatized to Canadian conditions. Date available depends on spring weather.

To assist you in planning, building and maintaining your pond, we carry an extensive  range of books covering every facet of water gardening.

What is a pond without the flash of gold and waving fins to bring it to life? We have recently expanded our fish facility and have several kinds and sizes of pond fish – straight from the breeder! We also have tadpoles & snails – the scavengers and housekeepers of your pond.

  • Fertilizer pellets, specially developed for water gardening.
  • Containers of several sizes and shapes for use in ponds of any kind.
  • Floating fish food, and flakes for healthy pond fish.
  • Fish nets to catch your fish, if necessary!
  • Pond nets to keep leaves out of your pond in the fall.
  • Our planting kit – everything you need to plant a waterlily.
  • Planting soil – special aquatic soil, tested for top performance
  • Peagravel for soil topping.
  • Filters to help clear your pond.
  • Barrel liners and tub gardens.
  • Underwater and floating lights for those evening visits to your pond.
  • Statuary and decorative pieces
  • Ceramic Pots to create patio ponds
  • Table top fountain supplies
  • Gift Certificates
  • Great New Products for your Pond!

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